Financial and Insurance Literacy Workshops

Financial Literacy: Utilizing our partnerships with Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Attorneys, and Residential Real Estate Firms, our Consumer Credit Counseling workshops provide insight on improving credit scores, refinancing options, ways to pre-empt foreclosures, and guidance to enable access to economic opportunities and empowerment within reach in the residents’ neighborhood.

Insurance Literacy: CURET brings representatives and agents of insurance companies into the community to offer seminars and workshops that address the concerns of residents, while providing important information on various types of insurance products.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment: CURET offers workshops for trades men and women.wishing to improve their skills in “start-to-finish” conceptualization, research, development, implementation, bidding processes, marketing, and communication. To address these specific deficits, CURET offers classes with emphasis on business writing and project management for partipants’ respective occupations.

Technology Literacy: Through our computer classes and workshops, we provide step-by-step instruction to build computer skills and an understanding of technology concepts. Our classes focus on the acquisition of basic computer and technology knowledge with hands-on applications and practice, plus an understanding of the impact of technology on society; use of the Internet as a tool to access information and for employment networking; Email—sending and receiving; developing and using career tools such as resumes and online postings, and locating employment opportunities.

Employment Readiness: We offer pointers for strengthening interviewing skills, connecting with a network of potential employers and employment agencies, making personal contacts on behalf of jobseekers, and making referrals to employers.