Community Outreach

Annual Community-wide Education Awareness Rally, Forum and/or Workshop: CURET’s Annual Community-Wide Education Awareness Rally/Conference/Workshop is convened in the fall, at the inception of each new school year. The focus is to heighten awareness in the community under the banner theme: “Education Matters.” This is a response from CURET to the community and to awaken forethoughts and the sensibilities of participants—parents, families, students, educators and other stakeholders—that a school and home culture of failure, low expectation and performance, low motivation and non-involvement are not proper. Participants learn about, and are engaged to explore various solutions.

Media/Communication and Outreach: CURET maintains close ties with the community in a number of ways, but most prominently through our primary vehicles of communication—The West Indian American, its online website, and the CURET website Other means of reaching out to target audiences include local radio Public Service Announcements, community television, flyers, email, and our presence at events throughout the Capitol region.