Citizenship, Civic Literacy, and Other Related Services for Immigrants

Workshops Focusing on Immigrants, Citizenship, Civic Duties and Responsibilities: The thrust of our workshops is on vital topical areas that address the needs of immigrants, helping them to become more informed and integrated into the community, thereby enhancing their everyday lives and their successful assimilation into the community, facilitating their civic engagement as they become active participants in their “home away from home,” while allowing them to reach new heights.

Citizenship and Civic Literacy: We offer classes to prepare immigrants to become naturalized citizens of the United States . Our presentations include U.S. history and government; the naturalization process. the Naturalization Test; how one prepares for the naturalization interview and citizenship test; orientation to U.S. culture, incorporating civic and cultural institutions; workshops on civic responsibilities, duties, and understanding one’s rights as a citizen, and how to become civically engaged.