Center for Urban Research, Education, and Training

Committed to changing lives…
Building on the strengths of families and communities

CURET, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, has been providing services in the Hartford area since 1990. Annually, CURET assists over 3,500 families—adults, youth, children, through programs and services designed to build on their strengths, enabling their educational enhancements, and overall well-being.

Mission: CURET uses research data to serve as its planning tools to inform the development of effective services and programs aimed at enhancing educational, health, and economic well-being. We want to help members of the community by building on the strengths of adults, children, families, and communities.

Purpose/Goals: Assist families and individuals who fall into the low- to moderate-income levels and who are facing significant barriers to succeed educationally, economically, and socially. Assist service providers with their understanding of pertinent information about immigrants from the Caribbean as well as the larger population in order to enhance service delivery. Offer an array of developmental opportunities to assist service providers in providing high-quality service to the diverse immigrant populations, accessing services at educational centers, healthcare facilities, organizations, and other social service agencies and outfits. Implement practices that are culturally congruent for the population served, particularly for the “hard-to-reach” Caribbean immigrants living in the Hartford region and who need to access a wide range of programs and services.