Summer Academic Tutorial and Enrichment

Academic tutorial enrichment is designed for students who are experiencing academic success but need reinforcing and strengthening at varied skill levels in language arts and math, preparing students for the new school year in the fall.

The summer program aims at enhancing learning and increasing grade-level performance.

The program, offered for grades 1-8, integrates regular schooling with the summer curriculum that teaches problem solving, test-taking strategies, and organization skills.

Pre- and post-tests are administered to assess students’ overall needs and serve as a guide to an instructional plan for advancement.

The program integrates both work and play, with academic lessons as well as recreational activities, and field trips to educational sites. Students also have the opportunity to earn awards based on both academic and recreational goals and achievements.

Year-Round tutoring is offered to middle and high school students to help guard against failure, delinquency or dropouts .